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Raw material inspection

Author: Administrator Release Time: 2020-6-24 10:22:52 Views:366

Raw material inspection:

Soil: standard compaction, liquid-plastic limit, CBR, screening, moisture content, natural consistency, specific gravity, resilience modulus, firing loss, organic matter content, etc

Aggregate: screening, crushing value, needle sheet, mud content, abrasion, polishing, firmness, weak particle content, sand equivalent, water absorption, density, methylene blue, organic matter, alkali aggregate reaction, sulfide sulfate content, etc

Rock: strength, frost resistance, water content, density, water absorption, etc

Cement: setting time, stability, cement strength, consistency, fluidity, firing loss, density, specific surface area, etc

Slurry press: setting time, fluidity, strength, bleeding rate, expansion rate, bleeding rate, filling degree, etc

Water, admixtures: pH value, soluble content of insoluble matter, chloride ion content, water reduction rate, compressive strength, setting time, etc

Asphalt: three indexes, density, film heating, wax content, viscosity, solubility, flash point burning point, adhesion, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt related tests

Steel and joint: tensile test, bending test, reverse bending, weight deviation, dimensional deviation, steel welding mesh shear resistance, etc

Steel strand: tensile test, elastic modulus, etc

Cement concrete, mortar: mix ratio, strength, setting time, permeability resistance, gas content, elastic modulus, mortar consistency, stratification, dry shrinkage, etc

Inorganic bond stabilization materials: mix design, no side limit, cement or lime dose, calcium and magnesium content, fineness, moisture content, firing loss, fineness, undigested residue content, etc

Asphalt mixture: mix design, Marshall, rutting, asphalt content, mineral grading, mineral clearance rate, saturation, voidage, density, flow value, freeze-thaw splitting, leakage, flight, seepage coefficient, etc

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