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The test company successfully passed the CMA qualification expansion evaluation

Author: Xue Yuanping Release Time: 2022-11-1 15:10:06 Views:101

      20221028日至30Xi 'an Market Supervision and Administration BureauFour experts were appointed to review the laboratory qualification expansion of the testing company。


The review team inspected and assessed the operation of the quality system of the testing company and the applied test items by visiting the site, consulting the records, asking questions on the site, writing tests, symposiums, and field assessment tests。The review team found that the organization was able to complyThe "Laboratory Qualification evaluation criteria" establishes a documented quality system and runs effectively;Testing equipment/Instruments, personnel professional ability and operating skills, environmental facilities, testing technical standards and other resources to meet the testing requirements;The data and results of the test report are accurate, objective and true, and can undertake fair third-party inspection。At the same time, the expert group agreed that the testing company in the same industry, whether it is management system or professional technical level have given a high evaluation。


    Through this timeEvaluation by the metrological Certification Expert GroupThe company will make continuous efforts to make the quality management system more perfect and further improve its professional and technical level。