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Good news!The company won the bid for landslide control project pile body and anchor cable pulling test project

Author: Wang Yongchao Release Time: 2022-11-17 8:59:50 Views:100

Recently, Shaanxi Road and Bridge engineering Testing Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for extension653 well area Ganquan treatment station landslide control engineering pile and anchor cable pulling detection project detection task, bid amount 36.540,000 yuan, planned 60 days to complete the detection task。

    The main testing tasks of this project are:

    1.Integrity test of 65 anti-slide piles (ultrasonic method)

    2.Basic test of 6 anchor cables

    3.Acceptance test of 10 anchor cables

   At present, the project testing task has been fully carried out。This marks the testing company's foreign business development has taken a solid step。