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The testing company held a post-holiday retreat

Author: admin Release Time: 2023-1-29 14:05:00 Views:56

Live up to the spring good step, based on the position to open a good game。At the beginning of the New Year, everything changesTo adjust the working state as soon as possibleOn January 28, the testing company held a quick post-holiday "closing meeting".To start is the sprint, the beginning is the drive of the decisive battle,Arrange and deploy the production and operation work in 2023, and the members of the company's leading team and all the staff of the organ attended the meeting

The meeting pointed out that the testing company will be operated by all staff in 2022,Upgrade the qualification level,Strengthen their own scientific and technological innovation as the starting point,Deepen market development efforts,Strict target assessment system,Better achieve the production and operation targets of the year;2023,The company will continue to dig deep market development efforts,Expand external market share,Improve management level,Implement differentiated assessment,We will increase incentives, rewards and penalties,self-compression,Know responsibility and bear responsibility,Improve oneself。

Meeting requirements: First, to clarify ideas for development,Continuously improve the management awareness of all staff,self-compression,Compacting responsibility,Strive for revenue of hundreds of millions of yuan during the 145th Five-Year Plan period;Second, take overall measures to implement,Improve working methods,Enhance communication and coordination,Ensure that all work is followed up and implemented;Third, we will accelerate personnel training,Take advantage of the Group's research and development center,With expert team, qualification upgrade and expansion as the starting point,Do a good job of qualification upgrading and expanding the work at the same time,Increase QC, patent application and other scientific and technological innovation activities,Provide impetus for building high-tech enterprises。